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Mountain Top Fibers - Roving

Mountain Top Fibers - Roving

Lovely local fibers for spinning from Mountain Top Fibers in Ennice, NC, processed into roving and ready to spin. All roving is a 4 oz bundle.


50% Angora Rabbit Fur, 50% Merino - undyed -  Beautiful soft white fiber.  It's like spinning clouds! 

80% Mohair (Angora Goat), 20% Merino - hand-dyed in a fun mix of colors, called Unicorn Fluff.  There is a beautiful shine to this fiber!

100% Jacob Wool - Lovely, fluffy, soft, but sturdy fiber for spinning or felting.  


    This fiber is not superwash; it will felt if handled roughly when wet. Products made with this yarn should be gently washed by hand and dried flat.  


    Unused yarn can be returned within 60 days of purchase with receipt. 



    We generally use the USPS flat rate boxes and mailers for shipping, unless special circumstances require different arrangements.  Please reach out if we can help with shipping!  

PriceFrom $12.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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