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Our Yarns

We have worked hard to curate a selection of beautiful yarns that meet a variety of needs, price points, and styles.  Explore the brands that we carry, and let us know if you have a favorite yarn that should be included!

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Our Valley River Yarn line of yarns are made of all natural fibers, processed and spun at a mill in NC, and hand dyed by us using natural methods.  Our wool yarns are made from Shaniko wool, a mix of Merino and Merino/Rambouillet, that is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard, or RWS.  The RWS aims to identify sheep farms that follow strict guidelines for protecting the land, water, and animals that give us their wool, as well as the people who produce it. 

Cascade Yarns is a family-run business providing a wide variety of yarns at affordable prices.  We carry several of their yarns from synthetic to all-natural, sourced from producers around the globe.  Their gorgeous colors and luxurious fibers are a constant source of inspiration for our next project.


Wonderland Yarns and frabjous fibers creates the most incredible hand-dyed yarns, drawing inspiration from the works of Lewis Carroll.  Looking at their yarns, it's so easy to go "down the rabbit hole" and find an incredible world of color and softness.  The hardest part is choosing which yarns to buy, since we can't buy them all!  

Malabrigo yarns is a family-owned company from Uruguay and Peru, creating yarns that are incredibly soft and colorful, from Merino, Alpaca, silk, and more.  Their yarns create items with incredible texture and style, and although their name means "bad shelter," we are happy that their yarn creates a warm and cozy feeling whenever we use it.   


A classic yarn for making colorful and durable socks!  We've got a large variety of their colorways to make not only gorgeous socks, but also shawls, toys, hats, and mittens. 

We love the Bernat  Handicraft Cotton for making all sorts of useful and colorful objects!  100% cotton is easy care, and makes great washcloths, bags, and light-weight garments.   The dazzling array of  colors, from bright to  subtle keeps us inspired to keep creating!

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